Friday, April 8, 2011

Recipe #1

It will take a while to get the hang out of this,bu bear with me. Mesurments may not be exact considering usually i dont measure it out but im trying my best!!

Chicken Adobo Recipe:

This is my favorite dish ever! my mom makes it and it is soo good. It is a dish from the Philippines ( hope i spelled that right :O) Hope you enjoy!


. Chicken brests (the amount really depends on how much you need)
. 1 cup of Soy sauce
.1 Cup of Vinegar
Bay leafs or Lemon.

1.) Wash the chicken after it has been Defrosted. this is a optional thing but not the defrosting part ;)
2.) Place chicken into a crock pot,and pour Soy sauce and vinegar over the chicken. If you choose to Use bay leaves or/and Lemon put those in also.
3.) cook on low all day,(or whatever you low setting is)
4.) Serve over rice.

that probably wasnt very helpful but ill get the hang of it! Here is a picture of Chicken adobo.this isn't mine i found it on Google.

*Note: Feel free to exchange the chicken for pork! it's just as good.*

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